Wedding Speeches For All Review

As each occurs note down a single word or a phrase - just enough to serve as a peg to hold the idea firm in your mind. When you are called to speak on the stage, make sure that you speak something positive about the groom. Remember that a bride and groom are indeed best friends, and good friendships are built not with time, but with trust. Com are available for quick and easy speech writing. Look for a sample of maid of honor speeches that are quite short especially if the wedding has a lot of attendees. Also, i'd like to say that the bride looks absolutely stunning today, as for the groom he just looks stunned. Can you point out the elements that he used…. Wedding speeches may get long, boring or out of control. The master of ceremonies (mc) introduces themselves and welcomes everyone to the wedding reception.

Wedding Speeches For All
Wedding Speeches For All

And it'll be the last time in 25 years that david gets to do the same. Best man, steven hallstone, decided that he would surprise his brother, adam with his unique version of . Have a look at www​. Maid of honor speeches could be as fascinating as anything as they are from those charming women very close to the brides’ hearts. Along with the 25 exceptional speeches you will get the following:. The father of the bride is always invited to speak first, so that he may welcome ‘his’ guests to the celebration and thank them all for coming. The bride’s wedding speech is a time that you can thank your parents for all their help, both at the wedding and while you were growing up. In other words, the wedding speech captures the emotion of the moment and highlights it, so everyone at the wedding bathes in it.

Wedding Speeches For All
Wedding Speeches For All

I can’t fully express just how happy i am right now or how much i appreciate the well wishes. It is important to maintain strong eye contact with your audience when you are presenting a visual aid. It may be at the wedding, at the reception, at a wedding dinner or other similar event. Best man speeches made easy gives you step-by-step techniques for using jokes, stories and quotes that will rocket your speech above the bare essentials. End it all by proposing a toast to the bridesmaid. Traditionally the best man is the principal male aide to the groom at a wedding. I believe that is the reason for the success in our marriage. Classy, graceful, elegant, funny, happy and confident woman(which i am very sure you are but you will have to make sure that stress does not overshadow these traits. Q: who starts off the wedding toast. You now have all of the information necessary to prepare yourself for the perfect toast.

Wedding Speeches For All
Wedding Speeches For All

Maid of honor speeches should be short and succinct, touching on all of the reasons why you are positive the newlyweds are perfect for each other. When you deliver a toast with confidence and poise, you’ll leave the bridal party with a memorable moment, and that’s something you can raise a glass to. It's normal to be nervous. How can i give advice that i can't even follow in my own life. Here are a couple of our favourites:. You could also speak about the ones from your son. Regardless of one’s feelings about the wedding speeches given by the grooms, almost every groom tries to make the speech one that is humorous and entertaining for everyone in attendance. With someone i feel blessed to hold. Toast: [to the mum`s and dad`s]. Practice in front of the mirror, in front of bridesmaids, or in front of the bride’s mother, even.

It instantly turned me into a hero at my son’s wedding. Marriage is not a word. In this case, his first speech might need to keep both these ladies serene, content and enthusiastic. The difficult aspect about wedding speeches is that nearly everyone who has to make one will have little or no experience of public speaking and if they do, it almost certainly won’t involve a comedy remit. I really appreciate the contribution of those special individuals who took care of all the arrangements and made it look easy for all of us though i know it wasn’t easy. He calls for the guests' attention and either introduces each speaker in turn or just the first speaker.

Is funny, sometimes sentimental and sometimes informational. Please join me today in wishing [bride] and [groom] every happiness possible and a long and joyful life together as husband and wife. Their mission is to be able to provide any person who is about to deliver a wedding speech the weapon that they need to be able have the perfect words that is humorous, captivating and hear warming. Basically, the trick to successful wedding speeches is to find an angle, write and rehearse the speech, then just extend your own persona to come across as a clever version of you. Types of wedding speeches that we cover:. I fully agree that last minute speeches = generally pretty bad. Who gives the speeches well, this is really up to the couple that’s getting married, but there seems to be a normal list of people that are expected to say something. You should aim to fit all of the above inside 10 minutes.

Websites and movies that provides a person samples of big event messages are great, nonetheless in the long run the wedding party talk should often be unique to the situation. To the bride and groom. When you are asking your friends and family to make a speech at your wedding reception, be sure to specify how long you would like them to speak for. You all have to decide between you who is going to thank whom and which sentiments you are each going to express. In your speech always keep things positive and funny. Paul simon and carrie fisher wed in 1983. The harvest of honest work on the table, and the happy faces of children playing. There is always a reason that they failed.

The sooner you get the speech written, the more time you’ll have to study it so that when the times comes reciting it will feel like second nature. This is a huge factor to know before making an outline or draft. It is a step-by-step guide that will help you write your own speech just like a profession would. Whether you need an attention-grabbing icebreaker, a thought-provoking anecdote or a humorous toast. - wedding speech - best man afternoon everyone, firstly, the city council have asked me to request that, for health and safety reasons, none of you get up on top of the chairs and tables during my standing ovation. 2sisters storm the world with their performance . Your tips helped me a lot.   whether it’s tarantino or byron who rocks your boat, we’re masters at helping people find their voice and work closely with our clients to realise every inch of their potential. He mixed in some lighthearted jokes, but most important, he spoke clearly, confidently, and at a steady pace, so that no one missed a moment of his sweet sentiments, including: “i loved and lived more deeply because of what you brought to my life.

Good evening generous ladies and gentlemen. Pour down whatever is in your head and go back and review it over and over again till you are completely satisfied with your speech. A moment later, the phone rang again. Hopefully, we've given you some ideas about how you’ll approach your wedding dj system. Men, please stand next to the one person who has made your life worth. John wants to get his beautiful wife, emma, something nice for their first.

At this particular wedding the father of the bride wasn't keen to give a major speech and the mother of the bride took centre stage. A wedding is all about making memories, and the more memories the merrier. Remember, the golden rule of public speaking is to be yourself. Then fine, any and all performative pieces are fair game. May god bless your union and bring you the greatest of joy today and always.

And lastly but not least i like to thank the best men, and just in case they plan to assassinate me with their words, i have my team of lawyers waiting in the wings ready to serve them a writ for libel, so be very careful. Thousands of customers in the us, uk, australia, new zealand and asia have relied on speechforyou. Join me today as we congratulate the bride and groom. Give yourself enough time to write a few drafts and check it over for errors. We absolutely love this one. Claire`s their daughter and i know. This will ensure that they listen to you throughout the speech. Although the ample buffets and open bars of most wedding receptions can be tempting, an upset stomach or a cloudy mind are two of the easiest, yet most drastic ways in which one may ruin a wedding speech. In that wedding speech, he can be funny, emotional or serious.

Relax because anything remotely funny is guaranteed to get a laugh because you are surrounded by people who love you -- not simon cowell and his cronies. Wedding speech by the bride. We truly are humbled by the show of love and support that we have received from family and friends not just today, but also over the last several months. Boost your confidence level and as a result you will come across as an experienced public speaker on the wedding day. Prepare for the speech well in advance, because you will not have time later. Perhaps the biggest is the instant access to quality content you can include.

This step by step guide will prepare you on all aspects of speech giving. Paying tribute to his own parents- refering to his upbringing, moral guidance, and opportunities given to him through his family. That said, the groom here hasn't neglected his duties. You should keep the mic a few inches away from your mouth so that you aren’t spitting words into it, but you also don’t want to have it so far that it isn’t helping to amplify your voice. At our wedding, there were four toasts. I could not disagree with him on such a special day. The father of the bride speech is one of the most emotional speeches of the day. The speech should also serve to move the audience to an emotional connection with the couple. It is the day of the bride.

Even if you don’t get along particularly well you should try and find a couple of positives to say about them and the fantastic upbringing they gave your wife. But you need to get started early otherwise you will find it quite difficult later when the wedding day is a few days away. Once you’ve read through the advice, practice your speech over and over again using those points as highlights. Us and have always shown us how marriages should be, and that`s successful and full. No doubt you are delighted for your daughter on her wedding day and thrilled to bits that you get to walk her up the aisle, but you might not be that enthusiastic about giving a speech at the reception.

Another common worry is looking the part. The condemned man ate a hearty breakfast, but alas i was unable to comply with his last request as a single man due to objections from the s. Com, with plenty of exclusive content, tailor-made for best men who are the groom's brother. Thanks for assembling such a useful website. The best man concludes his speech by reading emails, faxes or other messages of good luck. Au offer speeches with ‘charm and class’. Also what you have put in to make this day as special as it is, we would like to.

If there was something humorous about it, make sure the bride would be okay with you sharing it. Our step by step guide will prepare you on all elements of speech giving- the content also as the presentation. Funny father of the groom speeches - entertainment. Q: when should i start writing my toast. The humour in this speech has enough bite to rival the best man, and enough tact to ensure no-one gets upset. Another thing to picture is the very end of the speech. Forget about money and let’s write something for you. With our decades of encounter in writing wedding speeches we have come up with speech packages to totally enthrall your audiences. In fact we guarantee it.

Advice and well wishes to the couple. If it ends up embarrassing the bride or groom and hurts them, you will have put a damper on a joyous occasion. It was such a joy to read all the 25 sample speeches and. If you want to know how to write a father of the bride speech that people will remember it is vital that you speak from the heart.

Wedding Speeches For All

Speeches like this with a tinge of emotion are inspiring and remembered for the longest time. But you do not want the joke to go too far. Here are 30 quotes to ponder -- integrate the words into your own original speech ("as shakespeare said. I wanted the speech to be light-hearted because i knew how emotional the day was going to be. Use the rest of your time to speak positively about the bride and groom and their relationship. Public speaking, it comes naturally to some and not to others. And, to my wife, you look absolutely beautiful. They have decades of experience in writing wedding speeches and have now come up with speech packages that will impress your audience. Jacob, age 92, and rebecca, age 89, living in devon , are all excited.

Your job is to be a mom. But no more character rounding, eh paul. On a gala evening such as this, you may find it hard to believe that rick has not always been so handsome. May i please have your attention for just a few brief, heartfelt moments as we toast the lovely bride and groom. In order to be successful the speech must be respectful, but also funny.

Wedding speeches for all purchase bonus:. We wish you all the success with your best man speech. This means that even if you joke around with your friend all the time and put each other down, don’t make that the focus of your speech. That day has finally come, and i had mixed emotions when i was giving teresa away earlier. It took me very little time to write my own speech. Beauty of the soul - st. You brides- and grooms-to-be with autumn weddings planned—we are so jealous. A wedding is a milestone in a person’s life. Humorous wedding speech by an old friend of the groom.

Many of you have travelled from afar:- south africa, botswana and even the uk, and some of you have had 0to take time off work to be here. 's top speech writers, lawrence bernstein, gives us his seven top tips for a stumble-free speech:. Then, attempt to put your emotions onto words. Just think, if it weren't. This couldn’t be simpler.

At the end of your father of the bride speech, you should congratulate the happy couple on a wonderful wedding, and express your confidence in their future happiness together. You only get one review of one speech. The critical to a fantastic wedding is preparation and there is a great deal of it for you and your husband or wife to do. Then he appeared again at my local pub. Here’s a selection of tv shows i have written for, including horrible histories (bbc), the weakest link (bbc) and off their rockers (itv). The only one of your children who doesn’t grow up and move away is your husband. This is always rich pickings for getting some laughs. To create her speech, the maid of honor can draw from her relationship with the bride over the years or share stories from her adventures with the bride during the many months of wedding planning. So i’m sorry for adding another speech to the list but, if it’s any consolation, i’ll try to keep it short. Well, he should be feeling better now, as i found this in the toilet just after he'd left it.

The good news is, even if you aren't that comfortable talking in front of a crowd, you still can look forward to deliver good funny speeches. Take note of how long it takes to read each section and try not to speak for longer than about five to seven minutes. The best man should say what the. We can't wait to host you beautiful brides in stud. However, for the ultimate result, consult the professionals to help you say all the things you really mean with warmth, wit and humour. The easiest and fastest way to deliver a flawless wedding speech is to follow a simple step by step guide. (stares, winks at people) best man 1: ladies and gentlemen, may i thank you for attending this wonderful occasion.

If you’re worried about gesturing too broadly, keep your elbows at your waist. The bottom line on wedding speech for all. Thanks to the internet there is now fierce competition to make sure that every newlywed has a wedding speech which is the funniest and most entertaining of all. This valuable step-by-step guide offers examples of greatly written funny groom speeches and practical tips to guide you to be well on your way. The methods used by the authors are time tested and proven to work.   second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience. What an honor and such a joyous occasion.

The bride or the groom) and as such, the speech is an opportunity to share a little about the groom with the guests, funny anecdotes about the groom growing up, his characteristics (keep them humorous. And i like to finish with a song - a song that the guests can join in with. You have a variety of duties before, during, and even after the wedding. Uniqueness of the wedding speeches for all from other books. A best man speech outline is what you should begin with.

To avoid this kind of situation, here, now, are wedding speeches father of the bride to use as references. Because this will be the last time you'll ever have the upper hand. Wedding speech ideas 4: plan the groom's speech. We have some great bride’s wedding speeches here on hitched to help you give some inspiration. Each wedding is special, romantic, unique and personal. Humorous wedding speech by a friend of the groom. Here are a few tips followed by a sample wedding thank you speech.

What research could possibly go into creating a book on wedding speech writing. Content-creator (guaranteed to extract brilliant material from even the most uninspired) and. You should plan your speech or toast thoroughly and prepare for it sincerely. - very short wedding toasts the light that shines there is a light that shines beyond the heavens; this is the light that shines in your heart when you are in love. - when they were trying to find someone to give this speech they first asked the most intelligent, smart person they could find. Up with touching ways of congratulating the wedding couple and.

It's part of your responsibility that you postpone your own fun-time and refreshment until you have fulfilled your responsibility to the groom and bride. Who saith “a whole i planned,. Try to know ahead of time when the bride and groom want the toasts done. Although there are many responsibilities, from the gown fittings to the bridal shower to the wedding toast, there is also much fun to be had while creating memories that will last a lifetime. I’m becoming an expert at this.

Giving a speech rather than. We want to help you create a speech less ordinary. Before i go into the actual speech, i want to give you some history on the relationship between the bride and her father as i happen to know them for a long time. He built her first doll house while she watched at five years old. Laughter yesterday evening i was advised of my official wedding day duties and responsibilities.

The best man gives his speech after the groom and the father of the bride. According to chapter 16, it is redundant for persuasive speakers to give their evidence and then to state the point the evidence is meant to prove. Alternating humor and emotion in the wedding ceremony speech makes certain that the guests are attentive and focused. ” (point out that in many versions of the bible, the word “charity” is translated “love”. [i carry your heart with me(i carry it in]. Here are 8 tips on how to write a wedding speech guaranteed to get you a standing ovation. Wedding toast, from the parents of the bride and groom. By saying that, are you ready now to make your own mother of the groom speech. The best man's speech and his toast to the mother and father of the bride. Funny groom speeches should not leave a memory of offended guests – whether you’re acquainted or not.

This speech can be done by just the bride's father or both of her parents and is typically the most sentimental speech of the evening. A groom’s speech need not be funny, but it sure would add color and life to a serious speech. She mentioned a cousin who owned a bakery and had woken up early that morning to prepare the cake (it was delicious). Let him know that you think the bride has made a wise selection and can do this through a cute anecdote or story. This one is more of a fill in the blanks kind of thing, a generic template you just fill up with personal info, like things that happened to you and the bride/groom in the past, some insider jokes, particular people, those things.

He should welcome everyone to the wedding, including the groom’s parents, and welcome the groom into the family. " ~eskimo proverb the days of your life may you live all the days of your life. Like you, i badly wanted to give a great speech that will make my son proud and show him how much i love him. “bed of nails” money-back guarantee. There are two things to take note of: your foremost observation should be the style and the second should be the structure of your speech. If a unity candle is being used, the representatives from each side may also be responsible for lighting the taper candles that will then be used by the bride and groom during the ceremony. The wedding toast isn't about you or how funny you can be; rather, it's for the wedded couple. The river - traditional african proverb.

 don't worry about stealing anyone's thunder or not filling the role of earnestness. Thank you for always being there for me. Should we ask any of the other bridesmaids/groomsmen want to say a few words as well. Also, the wedding speech ideas that best suit your wedding speech will be influenced by the type of speech that you're giving. You shouldn’t leave it to chance. Other styles include the narrative (story telling), sentimental or a fusion of all styles. Both of you have found your other half. Humorous wedding roast for groom who plays football and likes to drink. But please don't worry, this won't take too long. Mother of the bride speech - wedding speeches for all.

This one time, he brought this fat little smelly kid home from school with him and just marched him into the house. Thank all your relatives and friends for attending the wedding.

Wedding Speeches For All Review

You may also toast to your parents. Your wedding speech ideas need to be tailored to the unique wedding at which you are speaking. It's a day when mary and john are surrounded by those who love them. We are offering you our years of experience in a nutshell. Exactly, wedding speech 4 u has yet to grow my social media lie, as its relatively low at the assignment 2.

Most brides and grooms will welcome this with open arms. If you are one of the ones expected or asked to do a wedding speech, then preparing is a must. It’s no wonder that these toasts can be impromptu, long, and even more emotional than the reception’s. And youd be really looking forward to it, if only you werent so wedding speech ideas nz out about your wedding speech. Hope this short wedding speeches for all review helped you find what you need to write your wedding speech. Well, if there's anybody here this evening who feels strangely nervous and apprehensive, it's probably because you just went and married bill meyers. Because i need a forever friend to trust with the intimacies of me,. A few minutes might not seem very long when you’re speaking, but when you’re nervous, you speak more quickly. Ask the bride and groom beforehand where they’d like for the toast to fall in the schedule.

The… new solutions for outdoor wedding bathrooms – not your mama’s wedding porta potty when looking at wedding ceremony porta potties, there are several variables that must be evaluated prior to buying the perfect restroom. Practice reciting your toast a few times until it's familiar and comfortable. Wedding toasts from the maid of honor. A beneficial an example may be getfreewedding speeches. -lds president ezra taft benson. The best man or maid of honour opens with their speech and makes a toast to the bride and groom. Whatever the case may be, it can be a good idea to know how to make the appropriate wedding speech.

This can certainly get you out of a bind if you are having difficulty right up to the day of the wedding writing your wedding speech. Comment on how handsome your husband looks. In the speech examples that i readily related to. Wait a little longer before writing your speech. The middle child trent, is seat over there. Now i want to let the rest of you know that i am not just talking about the wedding dress and the tux.

You know everything about me and love me just the same. “every day should count,” this bride’s pop urged at the end of his speech. You might suddenly feel cold or shaky, and you may even stumble a bit in your speech. Before you stand up to deliver. Humorous wedding roast by a fellow gambler. Funny wedding toasts go a long way in keeping the wedding reception upbeat and lively. There are a lot of pre-written speeches that you can just customize, or you can make your own following the instructions in the book.

When you are going to give an audience material to take home from a speech, you should usually distribute the material at the beginning of the speech. And, i'm sure you'll agree with me gentlemen, today is a sad day for single men, as another beauty leaves the available list. It's a sly idea, capped perfectly when he says the only spoken words of his speech: "i love both of you guys with all of my heart. While many of these may sound cheesy and stupid, if you take them seriously they can really make wedding speeches go by easier than you’d think. Ok, you can also mention. Silver is typically seen in additional elaborate weddings, and as a result silver plated wedding day favors are suitable decisions. You have to get started a person's speech with several inviting words. I understand that my rights to have a say in matters pertaining to decorating are revoked. Any father of the groom speech will obviously feature the bride heavily, welcoming her into the family as a new daughter, sharing the story of the first time the grooms family met their daughter-in-law to-be. Have you ever really thought about what friendship truly means to you.

As a theater nerd and a major extrovert with a partner who values “experiences” over presents and hates that the wedding will have to slow down for a toast, we would be that audience. Introducing: best man speeches made easy. Meeting linda was the single best thing that has ever happened to him in his life. In order to complete the program, they not only collected hundreds of wedding speeches, but they also consulted with speech writers and professional public speakers. If you’ve got wedding speeches that are heading anywhere near the hour mark then that’s a catastrophe and if they’re doubling up on toasts and thanks, then you’ll soon have a mutiny on your hands. Slow jam the wedding seems more like they’re saying, “hey. All the guests are there because of you and they will be willing you to do well more so than the other two speakers. Wedding speeches for all review, isnt it really real. As with everything, the key is communication. Independance day, complete with backing music.

If you’re doing the laptop thing, maybe have a separate mp3 player loaded with the wedding music ready to go in the event that the computer breaks down. Guests checking their phone under. Before i begin my traditional destruction of the groom’s character, i would just like to say again how lovely the bride looks today. In a nutshell…serendipity’s best wedding speech tips. Free bonus #6 professional speech review -. Raising a toast with rap and rhyme. Best man wedding speech, gets more searches on the internet than all other wedding speeches put together.

The best toasts include personal accounts of first encounters or good times together; a wedding is not the place to dredge up embarrassing tales or old romances. By only me is your doing,my darling). Now you can remove all your guess function and worries and have complete peace of mind and self-assurance about your speech for the wedding day. Do your best to keep your cool once the mc invites you to give your speech. Hello, i would like to thank brad for all the wonderful things he just said. Mind in turmoil-blood pressure down ten points now, cheeers. I delivered a sober groom to the church on time – well, he was definitely on time.

Tell your dj or band leader not to give the mike to any unauthorized would-be toasters – even if they're not drunk, you don't need to allow anyone and everyone who's feeling loquacious to take the floor. After a crazy, crazy few months, our dress collection has launched. I'd also like to welcome relatives and friends of both families and thank you all for being here, especially those of you who have traveled a long way to make this special occasion so memorable. Before writing these speech samples i have had a number of brainstorming sessions with various renowned public-speakers, wedding specialists, women who have given bride speeches as well as those who were about to give bride speeches. And what about other speeches. During his speech the father of the bride will normally move on to say a few amusing but tender words about his daughter before detailing some positives about his new son-in-law and welcoming him into the family. Again, you just concentrate on his life and not on other of your son’s story. You can this free wedding template to keep track of ….

After all the beautiful music is over, the. A word of warning, though; you will know best how far to push things in your own family dynamic. Indeed not the best speech, but a useful starting point for being able to develop your own. All types of wedding speeches is a professional service that offers help to would-be speech givers so that their speech presentation is received with rave reviews. It’s specially designed to give peace of mind and confidence to those worried about public speaking. While we may be truly inspired when we are alone in our bedrooms, don’t count on it while standing in front of 150 guests at your brother’s wedding. Thank the previous speakers and do say something nice about their wedding speeches. Sign up & join our 1248+ happy subscribers.

Sometimes you can take one look at a best man and know exactly why he was chosen for the job. Sorry lacy - it's too late now. How to structure your groom’s speech. Here’s is to mr. You gave a great example of a situation where a couple might be more upset than pleased by it, and i’m sure there are others as well. Or more tangible ones: what does it mean that the bride has found love in her life.

Weddingspeech4u true speeches for you wedding speech 4 u. You’ll be able to get ideas of what your speech would like. Do they want to buy a vacation home. - intro:      hello my name is nick and i am giving my speech on alzheimer’s disease. And on this special day may god bless you.

Free wedding speeches are available all over the internet with some decent content. Real review of wedding speeches for all. Close to the engaged couple who has been asked to speak will get. There are nearly 80 toasts at exampletoasts. Family members who are taking part in the ceremony should arrive with the rest of the bridal party. Some people opt to go impromptu with their speeches—meaning, they just have some index cards with them, or their phones, where they listed some points regarding their speech and just speak from the heart. May it never be subtracted. These people may be in management or have some sort of position in the community like church leader or teacher. Many grooms see the groom’s speech as their opportunity to put their stamp on the wedding celebration, while others see the groom speech merely as a rite of passage that must be endured as part of the process. It is always nice for parents to hear this type of public admiration from their sons and will also likely prove to be a sentimental crowd pleaser.

What begins as quite a mundane best man speech soon turns into an epic choreographed routine with the bridal party and groomsmen when the music starts up. Letters;  a retirement letter format; speeches; card messages. They’re intelligently designed so you can build a speech that’s. People get nervous about wedding speeches. When the media wants a quote on what might go down at the latest celebrity wedding they come to us. A big part of the role of a father of the bride, besides paying for most of the wedding expenses, is to offer a short wedding speech and/or toast. Not everyone has the knack for creating such a speech without a little bit of assistance. Com is one of the web's most popular speech writing services.

Zack galifianakis spends much of the. While you hold your emotions, there is a better chance for you to concentrate on the structures, patterns and other technical requirements of a wedding speech.

Wedding Speeches For All
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Wedding Speeches For All
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Wedding Speeches For All Review
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Wedding Speeches For All
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Wedding Speeches For All Review
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Wedding Speeches For All Review
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Wedding Speeches For All Review
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Wedding Speeches For All Review
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Wedding Speeches For All
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Wedding Speeches For All
If you’re doing the laptop thing, maybe have a separate mp3 player loaded with the wedding music ready...